Ogilvy Paris Intrusive Ad Mobile Campaign Aims to Make Men Experience How It Feels to Be Sexually Harassed in Public

If you are a woman, being sexually harassed on the streets is, unfortunately, a situation that is all too familiar.  So familiar, in fact, that 100% of French women declare having been sexually harassed in public transportation at least once in their lives.

In recognition of International Women’s Day, Ogilvy Paris has launched an intrusive ad banner campaign with French Associations “Stop Harcèlement de Rue”, “Les Effronté.es” and “Paye Ta Shnek” that’s intended to awaken men to the experience of sexual harassment faced by women. 

Over the 7 and 8th in France, several contextualized banners, targeting men only, will invade their mobile screen when browsing their preferred French media on mobile (GQ, Konbini, SoFoot, Libération, BFM, L’Express).  Becoming more and more repetitive and insistent, the banners will not stop, even insult, no matter how many times they try to close them. 

Once they’ve experienced the banners, they will be invited to raise their voice by tweeting and posting on Facebook #NonC’estNon. [NoMeansNo]

Claire Ludwig, member of the committee board of Stop Harcèlement de Rue was immediately captivated by the Agency’s response to the problem. “This campaign helps makes this type of behavior a reality and thus, we believe, the impact will be broader than what we could have done in traditional media.”

Creative Director, David Raichman goes on to explain: “It is always difficult to communicate a personal experience such as harassment. This is why we wanted to find a unique way for men to face reality of sexual harassment.”

Moreover, Natalie Rastoin, CEO of Ogilvy Paris believes that this campaign is truly about taking action and a natural follow-up to the #MeToo momentum.




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