Pantene and Priyanka Chopra Team Up to Encourage Others to #GoGentle in a Harsh World

Pantene, with the help of Brand Ambassador Priyanka Chopra, is encouraging people to take the gentler, and sometimes more difficult, approach of being kind in the midst of harshness. In today’s world, where a lot of conversations are happening online, harsh comments often outnumber and outshine the kind ones. To demonstrate the impact a positive voice can have versus a negative one, Pantene created a new video highlighting Chopra’s reactions to actual social media comments about her – both negative and positive. Pantene hopes to inspire women to use their inner strength to #GoGentle in the face of adverse interactions and encourage each other to rise above, and build others up.

“The internet is one example of a place where people look for inspiration or encouragement, it shouldn’t be a place where being put down is the norm,” said Chopra. “I’m proud to partner with Pantene on the #GoGentle message and demonstrate to people that kindness takes more strength than anger or harshness. I’m honored to be working with a brand like Pantene that is recognizing this.”

Pantene is emboldening consumers to be kind in the face of negativity and help spread the message to #GoGentle in challenging situations. In addition to sharing the video of Priyanka, Pantene is equipping women with GIFs of Priyanka memes and emojis to encourage a #GoGentle response during difficult interactions online.

“Together with Priyanka, we want to encourage others to take a gentler approach in the sometimes-difficult world we all live in,” says Ilaria Resta, Vice President of Hair Care for North America at Procter & Gamble. “It’s a leadership style I try to bring to our team – strong leadership, through a more gentle and empowering approach. It’s an ethos we want to bring to life with Pantene, and to life with consumers.”


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