Peninsula Group announces £1m fundraising goal for Together for Short Lives

Together for Short Lives are pleased to announce the launch of a £1million charity partnership with Peninsula Group, to help support families like Lorna’s across the UK.

“What our children’s hospice gave us as a family is memories that will last a lifetime, without them we would have been in a horrifically dark place”. Lorna and her family are one of the thousands across the UK supported by their local children’s hospice.

After suffering complications at birth Lorna was told that her daughter, Essie, had a range of life-limiting conditions that meant she would be severely disabled – no movement, no communication, no eyesight, no hearing, no breathing without oxygen and no feeding without a tube 11 days into her short life. The shock of this for any parent is unimaginable, but after giving birth to triplets Lorna knew that life would be forever changed.

Through her local hospice, Chestnut Tree House, Lorna and her family, including Essie’s triplet siblings Eva and Roman, received a range of support to make their short 18 months with Essie full of love, care, and memories.

Together for Short Lives are proud to partner with Peninsula Group, who have pledged to support the vital care that children’s hospices provide for families like Lorna’s across the UK. Peninsula Group colleagues will raise essential funds for their local children’s hospices, helping them to support families like Lorna and Essie with respite care, specialist therapies, sibling groups, and so much more.

Launching a meaningful partnership

The partnership begins in April 2024 and will run for three years with the goal of raising £1 million during this time to support the UK’s 54 children’s hospices.

Alongside DEBRA UK and Air Ambulances UK, Together for Short Lives will work closely with Peninsula Group colleagues, motivating them to raise funds and awareness for the UK’s 99,000 seriously ill children and their families, and the children’s hospices that support them.

Andy Fletcher, Chief Executive at Together for Short Lives, said: “Children’s hospices depend nearly entirely on donations to provide the essential care and support that they offer to families across the UK. From respite care, specialist therapies, and sibling support, to complex medical treatment like symptom management and end of life care, they support families every step of the way through diagnosis, care, bereavement and beyond.

“That’s why the support from Peninsula Group is so vital. We are so grateful to be one of their three chosen charities, and their support will help us make sure seriously ill children and their families get the best care and support they need today, tomorrow and into the future, so they can make the most of every precious moment they have together.”

We look forward to seeing what wonderful and imaginative fundraising Peninsula Group colleagues will organize, and to celebrating the impact of your fundraising, helping more families make the most of every moment they have together at their local children’s hospice.

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