Pennies partners with micro-seller payments service, to reach thousands more customers

Fintech charity Pennies has teamed up with new mobile payments service for micro-sellers, IPOSUP – to provide small businesses a way to collect micro-donations for charity, as their customers pay for goods and services.

IPOSUP helps small businesses such as sole traders, tradesmen, and consultants to accept Visa and Mastercard card payments as well as bank payments – with an option for their customers to add a small digital donation to their chosen charity in collaboration with Pennies. Sellers can also donate a pre-set small percentage of the sale amount when accepting card and bank payments.

Charities already signed up to the scheme include NSPCC, Cancer Research UK, Blind Veterans UK, Together for Short Lives, Founders4Schools, Samaritans, Alzheimer’s Research UK, Make A Wish UK, Wilderness Foundation UK, and Leducate.

Alison Hutchinson CBE, CEO of Pennies said: “We are incredibly excited to be partnering with IPOSUP mobile payments, particularly as this innovation allows us to act on the huge demand we have had and finally welcome small merchants to join-in the micro-donation movement for the first time.

“The IPOSUP app is intuitive for micro-sellers to use, and opting-in to donate with Pennies is as simple and discreet for customers as ever. Pennies has already unlocked over 120million micro-donations for over 600 UK charities, and IPOSUP will help us to achieve even more with the help of small business owners and their generous customers.”

The average UK adult now carries less than £25 in bank notes and coins, and 70% of UK shoppers prefer to pay digitally. However, it is estimated that half of the UK’s 5 million micro and small businesses do not yet take any form of digital payments such as Visa and Mastercard cards.

Charity partners are looking forward to the opportunities that the added awareness and exposure to small businesses and sole traders will bring, as well as the additive income.

Lucy Squance – Director of Supporter Led Fundraising;

“Alzheimer’s Research UK are delighted to be participating partners of the IPOSUP and Pennies scheme. Raising income through grassroots donations of small businesses and customers means that we can reach wider audiences in their everyday lives. A huge thank you to IPOSUP and Pennies for helping us make breakthroughs possible through their collaboration and support of dementia research.”

Aoibheann Doherty, Regional Fundraising Manager – Business and Partnerships, Barnardo’s;

“We are delighted to be involved with this initiative – there are many challenges facing fundraising currently – including fewer people donating into collection tills. It is great that Pennies and IPOSUP have created a solution and we are looking forward to seeing this initiative grow to continue to support may more young people and their families through Barnardo’s work.”

Andy Fletcher, Together for Short Lives CEO;

“Together for Short Lives is so pleased to be a part of the Pennies IPOSUP Scheme. Every penny raised will help us achieve our mission to secure the best quality of life and best end of life care for children who will have short lives. Grassroot donations from small businesses will help families caring for a seriously ill child make the most of every moment they have together. I’m looking forward to seeing the big impact that can be achieved from small acts of kindness.”

Rebecca Owen, Marketing Manager Community Partnerships;

“Blind Veterans UK are delighted to become a partner beneficiary for IPOSUP’s micro-donation option with Pennies. The grassroots donations of small businesses’ customers will help us to continue to support our beneficiaries. Since 1915, we’ve provided rehabilitation, training, practical advice and emotional support to tens of thousands of blind veterans.”

Jo Roberts CEO of Wilderness Foundation UK;

“Your help with a Pennies’ donation will be spent on furthering our existing and crucial work in protecting endangered and disappearing wildlife such as the rhino and wildlife in Africa- and other precious wildlife species who are under threat each day. With your support we can make a difference towards their protection and ensure that the next generation grow up in a world where a rich biodiversity of species are intact and kept safe from exploitation and poaching. Each penny you give goes a long way to helping us achieve this goal of working for wildlife and heritage of the earth.”

Michaela Eschbach, Managing Director, Founders4Schools;

“We are delighted to be part of the Pennies IPOSUP scheme. The future of young people matters to all of us. We have a responsibility to ensure that the next generation has the opportunity to succeed and together we can make this happen. Founders4Schools supports young people to learn about the skills needed and available careers by connecting them with role models from growing industries – real stories from real people. A penny today will make a massive difference to the future lives of thousands of young people putting them on the path to success. Pennies and IPOSUP and your contributions will help us to achieve that.”

A simple registration process

Most business owners already have a smartphone or tablet, which IPOSUP transforms quickly and easily into a digital card and bank payments terminal. To get started, business owners simply need to install IPOSUP app from the Google Play Store and follow the simple registration process on their mobile device.

Dr Chandra Patni, CEO and founder of IPOSUP said, “Whether the seller is a plumber, an accountant, a cafe or a corner shop owner, the affordable, simple and secure IPOSUP app can help businesses thrive. Transparent pricing to sellers and its suite of business tools makes it easy and cost-effective and increase Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) value for businesses.”

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