People Go Out to Dinner to Help Save a Journalist

In August of 2012 Austin Tice was kidnapped at a check point in Syria. He is currently being unjustly detained by the Syrian Government. In Spring of 2018 the FBI offered a $1 million reward for information leading to Austin’s safe return. That got the attention at the National Press Club. The Club met with the Tice Family and the FBI and created a program designed to raise more reward money and call attention to Austin’s case.

The Club recruited its own members and partners include the Washington Post, McClatchy, Reporters Without Borders, Georgetown University, The Eagle Scouts Association, Committee to Protect Journalists, Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, The Freedom Forum Institute and others to develop . From this website restaurants signed up to support Austin Tice by agreeing to display information about his case in their locations on May 2. They also pledge to give a portion of their proceeds from the evening to a special fund set up to support Austin and add to the FBI reward money.

On May 2 More than 73 restaurants in 14 states and the District worked to help bring Austin Tice home. It is a great effort that will result in about $1 million of economic activity and raise at least $100,000 in additional reward money. On that night hundreds of employees at restaurants made and served meals eaten by thousands of guests all learning more about Austin and helping hasten his return.

Austin was an award-winning journalist but also a 7th generation Texan, an Eagle Scout, a Georgetown graduate, a Marine Captain who served two tours. All of the groups associated with Austin’s impressive resume turned out May 2 to support him. If you did not know or find a restaurant in your area you can make a donation at the site That will help as well.

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