People Like Us: a celebration of diversity in the media and communications industry

PrettyGreen’s Sheeraz Gulsher and LinkedIn’s Darain Faraz announce People Like Us, a quarterly networking event designed to celebrate the work of black and minority ethnic professionals in the media and communications industries. Sheeraz and Darain are siblings who grew up in Luton and have been working in the industry collectively for over 25 years.

The event is open to professionals at all levels, it is now sold out, however please email your details to to be placed on the waiting list

The inaugural event will take place at Snap Inc, parent company of Snapchat, where attendees will connect with professionals over drinks and canapes. There will be an in-house recruiter from the hosting company present to meet the attendees. A handful of guests will also have the chance to present work they are proud of – representing a unique opportunity for BAME professionals to have their work shared with peers from across the industry.
Sheeraz Gulsher, Co-Founder, People Like Us, said: “We are at an impasse right now in media and communications. In an ever-diverse Britain, there needs to be different voices telling stories. 
“Put simply, we wanted to create a hub for BAME professionals and allies. There are no white papers at our event, no panel talks and nor is it a space to air out negative experiences. We’re here to celebrate excellent work, connect brilliant people and hopefully encourage positive dialogue.”
Darain Faraz, Co-Founder, People Like Us, added: “Having worked in the industry for the best part of two decades, in roles spanning the globe, it’s clear that our industry at large hasn’t woken up to the realities of woeful minority ethnic representation.
People Like Us is more than an ethnic networking event, it’s a gathering for and celebration of BAME media and marcomms professionals. Whether you’re a PR, a marketer, journalist, or expert in social media, we want you to come on down and meet people like us. We hope this simple gesture, of allowing the time and space to celebrate ourselves will nudge our respective industries forward. We’re hoping that this could create that ripple to help facilitate that change.”

The details

People Like Us 
Address: 7-11 Lexington Street, Soho, W1F 9AF
Time: 6pm – 8:30pm 

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