Portrait of “All-American” Family is Out of Date According to New HP Study

HP Inc. has released the results of a new study examining current perceptions of what it means to be an “All-American family.” HP asked 2,000 respondents to measure the presence of bias between different types of families and whether they identify as “All-American.” The study is part of HP’s Reinvent Mindsets campaign focused on reducing unconscious bias. The program celebrates the portrait of what is emerging as the new American family – one that transcends gender, race, sexual orientation and country of origin.

The study was reflective of HP’s new film, Family Portraits, about a social experiment involving 13 diverse families representative of modern America. In the film, six additional participants were asked to choose from the group who they thought comprised an All-American family portrait. None of the six successfully paired the actual families in the room.

The film captures the social experiment and reactions when the real family groupings are revealed, breaking stereotypes and highlighting a range of biases. Each family then shares what being All-American means to them and poses for portraits to memorialize and celebrate the moment. 

“Family Portraits highlights the beauty and range in today’s ‘All-American’ family,” said Carlos Ricardo, HP’s Head of Print Marketing, Americas. “These families are a portrait of our customers and we learned that they all treasured both the experience and the printed photos.”

Reinvent Mindsets Series    

HP originally introduced its Reinvent Mindsets campaign with a series of films to fight unconscious bias in hiring. Films have included Let’s Get in Touch, Dads and Daughters, Proud Portraits and #LatinoJobs. Each film identified a unique insight of key hiring communities – African American, women, LGBTQ and Latino – to position HP as an employer of choice and as a company who makes hiring decisions based only on talent. Family Portraits has a broader message about the changing face of American families. 

“The Reinvent Mindsets study findings reinforce that to connect with everyone, everywhere, we must strip away bias and stereotypes and celebrate our differences,” said Lesley Slaton-Brown, Chief Diversity Officer, HP. “Diversity and inclusion is a business imperative with our board, leadership team and employees. Studies like this are a reminder of our responsibility to always reflect our diverse customer base because it mirrors who we are as a company and it is good for business.”

To view Family Portraits, explore the study results and for more information visit hp.com/go/FamilyPortrait and join the conversation #reinventmindsets.

HP in Diversity and Inclusion

With one of the most diverse boards of directors in the U.S., HP has a range of initiatives and commitments promoting greater diversity and inclusion, including mandating its marketing agencies, law firms and supply chain partners to increase diversity on teams supporting HP. 

About HP All-American Family Study  

The HP All-American Family study was an online survey among 2,000 adults in the U.S., commissioned by HP with Edelman Intelligence. Data was collected June 11-19, 2018. The survey also included an implicit reaction time test, a scientific way to measure reaction times to understand implicit feelings and attitudes.

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