PRCA announces new Diversity Award for National Awards

The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) has announced a new Diversity Award category for the National Awards 2019.

This award recognises PR agencies or in-house PR teams championing diversity, inclusivity, and change within the industry. This could include both internal or client work to attract and retain a more diverse workforce, to ensure that talent from all backgrounds is reaching leadership levels, or to engage with, and learn from, diverse audiences in new ways that deliver measurable communications or business success.

The winning entry will show clear evidence of the positive impact that the work of the PR agency or in-house team is having on diversity. This might be focused on ethnicity, age, disability, sexuality, gender identity, religious belief, socioeconomic background, educational attainment, neurodiversity, or any other aspect of diversity. More details can be found in the official Entry Guide.

The announcement comes as part of the PRCA’s 50th Anniversary activities, throughout which it is furthering the cause for diversity and inclusion. More news on these initiatives will be shared later in this 50th year.

Matt Brown MPRCA, Director of News & External Relations at Transport for London, said: “There are some amazing examples of work going on to improve diversity and to accurately reflect the increasingly diverse audiences we seek to influence. But we need to go further, faster if we are to benefit from the huge talent and potential that exists among the people currently seriously under-represented in our industry.

“This award brings this work not only into the mainstream but also into the highest echelons of the industry’s celebration of success. We hope that it helps inspire organisations, teams and individuals to do more and to think creatively about the role they can play in driving this much-needed change. We also hope it helps ensure a more diverse range of people see themselves as part of the future of PR.”

Francis Ingham MPRCA, Director General, PRCA, said: “There has been some fantastic examples of positive change in PR and comms over the last few years, however, as the recent PRCA Census has revealed, there is clearly a need for more industry-wide action. This award represents our continued drive to broaden inclusivity within PR and communications across all aspects of diversity.“

In keeping with our commitment to improving all aspects of diversity, including socio-economic, the entry fee for this category has been reduced to £50+VAT.

Enter the National Awards here.

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