PRCA calls for examples of good practice in working towards gender equality

On this years International Women’s Day 2024 the PRCA issued a call for examples of good practice within the PR industry in working towards gender equality and combating misogyny. The trade association will compile a set of case studies on topics such as: flexible working, leave for parents and carers, recruitment, training and promotion, equal pay and policies on supporting colleagues who are, for example, going through the menopause.

The work is being led by the PR and Communications Professional Board and the PRCA Equity and Inclusion Advisory Board (EIAB).

Case studies should be sent to by 8 April 2024. Submissions will be reviewed by a committee in consultation with the EIAB and compiled into a guide which will be accessible for the wider industry.

Ishtar Schneider FPRCA, EIAB member, Women in PR committee member and Global People and Inclusion and Diversity Communications Lead, Mars Petcare, said:

“Commitment towards gender equity should be a priority for business leaders across the year, not simply the focus on a singular day. But today is a great opportunity to remind ourselves of the responsibility we share and the collective effort needed to get us there. We know there is good work happening on this agenda across the industry and we are looking for examples of best practice to help everyone to learn, evolve and ultimately accelerate our progress.”

Gilly Lock, Director at Powerscourt and Co-Chair of the PRCA’s Talent Workstream, said:

“As an industry, we do a great job at attracting female talent, but it’s also clear that too many talented women are put off from continuing a career in communications at certain life milestones or put their ambitions on hold. There are some great practices out there that promote gender equality, and we’d love for the wider industry to be able to learn and improve from these. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some incredibly impressive and inspirational senior female practitioners, but based on the talent starting out in our industry this should be the norm rather than the exception.”

Marcus Chrysostomou, Senior Account Director at Westco Communications and Co-Chair of the PRCA’s Talent Workstream, said:

“It is right that we try and learn from where we are getting this right. I have been working in this industry for over 20 years and sadly, we are still hearing stories where we are not seeing equality in the workplace. This needs to change.

“There are however, some great examples, both in-house and agency, where they have got this right. We need to celebrate these examples and use them to help change our industry for the better.”

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