PRCA launches Entertainment Technology Group

The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) has today launched a brand new group, focussed on PR and communications within the gaming and entertainment technology industry. The PRCA Entertainment Technology Group will cover all emerging entertainment technology verticals within the gaming space, including AR, VR, live streaming, and more.

The aim of the Group will be to share news, knowledge, and trends for in-house PRs and agencies interested in understanding the value of video games, and offer insight into how the sector can help your brand or clients reach new, younger and global audiences.

Co-chaired by Kirsty Endfield MPRCA, and Amy White MPRCA, from London-based entertainment technology agency Swipe Right, the group will look at best practises to build communities and discussions around new platforms such as Discord, Mixer, and TikTok. It will also inform members how to successfully incorporate them in communications campaigns and how to create engaging and meaningful content.

Kirsty Endfield MPRCA, Founder and Director, Swipe Right, said “We’re very excited to become a member of such a prestigious trade body. Swipe Right is a rapidly growing specialist agency and for us to continue growing we believe it’s important to look towards other experts in the communications field. We want to ensure we don’t pigeonhole ourselves, that we’re always looking at new opportunities and best practises across technology, sports and more to keep our clients ahead of the game. The membership also offers fantastic access to training and conferences which is vital to the development of the team.”

“The video games and esports industry offers an evolution of entertainment and our experience is in building communities and introducing brands to younger audiences. This is something more and more mainstream brands are looking to do and we’re hoping that by creating the new Entertainment Technology group we’ll also be able to give back to our colleagues and share some of our experiences.”

Francis Ingham MPRCA, Director General, PRCA, said: “Entertainment technology such as video games and esports are expanding at a staggering pace. Esports viewership is expected to grow by 9% in the next 4 years and communications professionals have a pivotal role to play in ensuring these exciting technologies industries connect meaningfully with their intended audiences. This new Group will provide an important forum for professionals in these industries to share knowledge, expertise, and best practice.”

The group is open to all PRCA members and welcomes other groups to all sessions. Contact for more information.

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