PRCA Public Affairs Board responds to CTF Partners investigation

Following reports that CTF Partners is under investigation by The Registrar of Consultant Lobbyists, George McGregor MPRCA and Emma Petela MPRCA, PRCA Public Affairs Board Co-Chairs, said:

“We welcome the Registrar’s proactivity in ensuring compliance with the ORCL regime. We would like to reiterate that CTF Partners are not PRCA Public Affairs Board members. If they were, they would be bound by the Public Affairs code, which demands the highest standards of transparency and ethical standards. Unethical activity brings the industry into disrepute and damages public trust in lobbying. The vast majority of public affairs professionals act ethically and in accordance with industry values. We recently responded to ORCL’s consultation on Codes of Conduct and this case highlights the need for organisations to sign up to a third party code rather than say they follow their own where there is little to no oversight.”

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