PRCA & Reuben Sinclair launches free Race for Talent E-Book

Reuben Sinclair has published its free Race for Talent e-book – in partnership with the Public Relations and Communications Association – to help agency and in-house teams perfect their recruitment strategies in a candidate-led market.

The 14-page step-by-step guide equips employers with the practical tools to attract and retain the best talent, and overcome common recruitment challenges. The guide challenges the PR and communications industry to reimagine its Employee Value Proposition (EVP) by moving away from competitive salaries and job titles as the sure-fire way to secure talent towards cultivating an environment that powers both professional and personal growth.

The Race for Talent e-book covers:

  • The unprecedented challenge of recruiting candidates today
  • How to attract candidates to your roles
  • How to enhance your candidate experience
  • How to retain existing talent
  • The importance of being clear on your business vision

The e-book can be downloaded freely here.

PRCA Deputy Director General Renna Markson MPRCA said:

“Hiring managers are missing the mark if throwing money at talent is the foundation to their recruitment strategy. With the pressures of a global recession and with a job market swinging in favour of candidates, employers are faced with no shortage of challenges. The best organisations – those that win this war on talent – are those willing to put people and purpose at the heart of their business strategy. Reuben Sinclair’s new e-book comes at a perfect time and will help set businesses well on their way to understanding this.”

Reuben Sinclair Managing Director & Co-Founder Rohan Shah said:

“With the market being candidate-driven, employers are facing increasing uncertainty and are painfully aware of the challenges faced when recruiting. However, with uncertainty comes opportunity. Employers that most effectively cultivate an empowering and radically flexible environment enhancing personal and professional growth will win-the-war on talent. As this tug-of-war for talent continues, the identification of novel strategies to attract the best talent and overcome recruitment challenges has moved from business critical to business imperative. This comprehensive step-by-step guide is a goldmine to all recruitment teams and hiring managers, providing all the information needed to equip employers with the necessary skills to flourish within these challenging times.”

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