PRCA signs InsideOut Mental Health Charter

The PRCA has signed the InsideOut Charter to promote the mental wellbeing of its staff and champion the importance of mental health in public relations.

By signing the Charter, the PRCA has committed to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and help support a culture in which open conversations about mental health are normalised.

The PRCA will commit to a number of actionable principles to demonstrate commitment to the mental health agenda.

InsideOut is a social enterprise with a mission of ending the stigma of mental health in the workplace globally.

The PRCA’s recent research suggests that 89% of the industry have struggled with their mental health. The research also revealed that workload and stress have a significant negative impact on practitioners and their wellbeing.

InsideOut is also offering PRCA members who sign up to the Charter before the end of June a 50% discount on year 1 charter fees.

Francis Ingham MPRCA, Director General, PRCA said:

“By signing the InsideOut Charter, we are committing to create a healthier workplace culture that prioritises wellbeing.

“The industry has made progress with destigmatising mental health, but more action is needed to ensure our colleagues receive the support they need.

“We need employers to create safe spaces for their employees. Opening up conversations on mental health will lead to happier and productive staff. The moral and business case for change could not be clearer. 

“The InsideOut Charter is an exciting initiative that gives us the chance to create tangible change. We are proud to take these steps and wholeheartedly urge others in the industry to do the same.”

Rob Stephenson, Founder of InsideOut says: 

‘’InsideOut is delighted to welcome the PRCA as a Charter Signatory. We know that at the heart of creating a mentally healthy workplace, is the commitment from senior leaders. When this happens we see the start of culture change to workplaces that are free of stigma in respect of mental ill-health and where everyone feels able and equipped to proactively manage their mental wellbeing. Ultimately this helps create happier, more productive and higher performing workplaces.”

Mental health is one of the PRCA’s campaigning priorities. Our aim is to destigmatise mental health and ensure employers prioritise the wellbeing of their employees.

To access the Mental Health Toolkit, please click here.

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