PRCA warns members of phishing scam emails

The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) has warned its members to be vigilant of suspicious emails purporting to be from PRCA staff, following an increase in phishing scam emails during the COVID-19 crisis.

The warning comes after the PRCA has been made aware of an increase in the number of phishing emails fraudulently claiming to be from PRCA staff. If you believe you may have received one of the emails, please take the following steps.

1. Check the sender’s email address 
Scammers will try to disguise their email address because they normally can’t use a genuine PRCA one.
2. Check how scammers address you – it’s hardly ever by name
Scammers may simply use your email address, or say ‘Dear member’ or nothing at all.
3. Check links in the email
Do not click on links or attachments. If you’re unsure, you can inspect links first, as follows.
4. Forward any suspected phishing emails to
The reminder follows National Cyber Security Centre’s report on the rise in phishing attacks exploiting worries over COVID-19, and a recent phishing email received by a PRCA member.

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