Prevented Ocean Plastic Uses Global Recycling Day To Champion Its Recycling Heroes As It Hits 500 Product Milestone

Prevented Ocean Plastic™ used last months Global Recycling Day to champion the people on the frontlines of the recycling revolution and announces there are now 500 products packaged in its high quality, traceable and certified recycled plastic, made from discarded plastic collected from coastal areas at risk of ocean plastic pollution.

Global Recycling Day celebrates the importance of recycling in preserving our precious resources and securing the future of our planet. This year’s theme is #RecyclingHeroes, recognising the people, places and activities championing recycling. Prevented Ocean Plastic™ is celebrating its own #RecyclingHeroes, from the bottle collectors on the frontlines of the plastic crisis to brand and retail partners, who are making more responsible choices to support a circular economy.

These partners are now using Prevented Ocean Plastic™ in 500 products across a range of applications, including cosmetics, cleaning products, health, pet care, food and drink. Brands and retailers choosing recycled include Lidl, Chateau Galoupet Rosé, Hana Sushi, Patagonia, Child’s Farm and cosmetics retailer Lush, which is transitioning to using the fully traceable material in its clear PET bottles in-store and online.

By choosing Prevented Ocean Plastic™, partners not only help to protect the ocean and its marine life from pollution, they also support the waste workers in regions at risk of plastic pollution, who provide an essential service that plays a critical role in building a sustainable circular economy.

Prevented Ocean Plastic™ is committed to supporting the lives and livelihoods of these waste pickers and all work is underpinned by the programme’s rigorous standards, which go beyond basic regulatory and compliance measures to minimise environmental impacts, ensure quality products and improve worker conditions. The organisation is conducting research into bottle collector demographics, starting in Ecuador, to further understand their priorities, needs and how to support them.

Raffi Schieir, Director of the Prevented Ocean Plastic™ Programme, said:

“We won’t stem the flow of plastic pollution without a real commitment from businesses. We are delighted that so many brands and retailers are choosing more responsible options when it comes to their packaging. Every product with the Prevented Ocean Plastic™ logo on our supermarket shelves has played its role in helping us shift towards a just and equitable circular economy. With the support of our brand partners, we are creating value from what’s already out there, and building a more sustainable future for those most impacted by the plastic crisis.”

Together, the #RecyclingHeroes have helped prevent over two and a half billion bottles from reaching the ocean; protecting it and its marine life from pollution; reducing CO2 emissions; cutting the need for more virgin plastic; creating reliable income opportunities with dignified working conditions for local people; and driving up standards across the ocean-bound plastic recycling industry.

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