PRmoment launch sister magazine, Just Marketing

PRmoment and the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) have launched a new online magazine for the creative industries, Just Marketing.

Just Marketing is an online magazine which will give marketers ideas, insights, and information. It will help marketers – and marketing professionals – put the latest thinking and developments in marketing tools and technology in context.

The magazine will connect marketing professionals with the things they need to know about, what works and what doesn’t.

It will be a place where marketers can learn about and explore the major trends in key areas such as advertising, analytics, content, creative, customer experience, CRM, data, martech, media, mobile, search, and web design.

Just Marketing will target different marketing audiences both in terms of junior and senior and include B2B, B2C, marketing solutions, marketing services and marketing products.

The PRCA will be providing ongoing support for the magazine, through various events, platforms, research, and content pieces.

Mark Johnson, Editor, Just Marketing, “Our editorial will be a direct response to what marketers say they want: insights that help them become better marketers. We will be covering new developments and helping marketers steer a course through the changes while never forgetting the fundamentals of what marketing is really for: enabling business to grow.”

Francis Ingham MPRCA, Director General, PRCA, said: “The creative industries have never had more in common than they do today. That’s why the PRCA is thrilled to be a partner of Just Marketing.

The blending of disciplines that we have seen for at least a decade has transformed the professional services landscape. Clients expect one-stop shops, and have become agnostic about the strict dividing lines which we used to embrace, and which used to divide us.

These are trends which Just Marketing will address, analyse, and provide insight into, drawing on thought leadership and research. The PRCA will also provide our perspective, both when the PR experience is the same, and when it stands in contrast.”

Visit to stay up to date on all the latest insights, and follow the magazine on Twitter at @JM_magazine.

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