Proof Alliance & Colle McVoy Launch New Campaign

The world has wildly different opinions on the amount or what kind of alcohol is “safe” to consume during pregnancy. And information found on social media, blogs and other online sources is even more contradictory and damaging. There is no known safe amount of alcohol use during pregnancy, according to the CDC. Yet, the fact remains that 1 in 20 children in the US have an FASD.

Using truth on drinking during pregnancy in compelling ways to overcome generations of misinformation, bias and untruths, Proof Alliance’s latest marketing campaign, created in partnership with Minneapolis-based creative agency Colle McVoy, includes three compelling and emotive videos begin with kids lightheartedly sharing common misconceptions about drinking during pregnancy, only to change drastically in tone to reveal the hard-hitting truth about FASD. Each of these kids have been diagnosed with an FASD, and hearing them talk about the developmental delays, cognitive disabilities and physical manifestations that some of them experience is profound.

Three microsites were designed to catch the attention of people searching for information on drinking during pregnancy, and let visitors explore the statistics and truth behind FASD in different ways.– Through search marketing, people searching for answers using some of the most common questions about drinking while pregnant will be served with this most direct, concise (and sometimes cheeky) answer. – This fun and easy to use site taps into the personalized quiz trend and allows people to enter basic information and preferences to determine how much alcohol is safe for them to drink before it affects their baby. No matter what they enter, the results will always be the same — zero. – The campaign landing page clearly and simply states facts on FASD and invites visitors to view the full-length videos. 

 Sara Messelt, executive director of Proof Alliance said:

“Abstaining from alcohol during pregnancy is one of the top steps you can take to have a healthy baby.  This campaign provides clear, fact-based information to help expectant parents make the best choices for their families.”

“We are especially excited about the response we have gotten from prenatal health care providers about the campaign.  Our clear, direct message is resonating with women and their doctors and is changing the conversation about the risks of drinking during pregnancy.”

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