Public Affairs Board responds to ACOBA and Tony Blair disclosure

Following The Sunday Telegraph’s investigation into the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments (ACOBA) and former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, Paul Bristow CMPRCA, Chair, Public Affairs Board, said:

“Each and every story like this raises the same issue: transparency rules need to be reformed because – as the public perceive it – there is a very little openness in politics.

“Ethics is a two-way street: non-disclosure is against the regulated public affairs and lobbying industry’s own rules. The fact that Tony Blair Associates acted in accordance with the ACOBA guidelines puts the clear onus on the Government and Parliament to use this as opportunity for reform.

“It is not about ‘uncovering scandal’ or ‘exposing links’: it’s simply about openness and directly addressing critics who have long-relied on this part of the system to attack politicians and businesses.”

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