Public Affairs Board responds to CTF Partners propaganda network

Following The Guardian’s investigation into lobbying firm CTF Partners running a Facebook propaganda network, the Public Affairs Board have issued an official statement.

George McGregor CMPRCA, Managing Partner, Interel Group, and Co-Chair, Public Affairs Board, said: “If the alleged activities of CTF Partners are confirmed as fact we would condemn such behaviour unreservedly.

“Such alleged activity is a million miles from the professional public affairs industry in the UK which operates with the highest ethical standards.

“If CTF were a Public Affairs Board member it would be bound by a code of transparency and honesty. They would have to declare their clients publicly, reveal the staff who undertook public affairs and always be up front about who they were representing.”

The Public Affairs Board is the pre-eminent body for public affairs professionals in the UK, created with the aim of ensuring transparency through a joint register; enforcing high standards through a unified Public Affairs Code; and promoting a wider understanding of public affairs and the contribution it makes to public life.

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