Public relations specialists with Roxhill Media launch The Community PR initiative in response to the Corona crisis

Calling all charities and organisations in need of comms support during Covid 19 – and, PR professionals wanting to do some good and make new contacts.  

The impact of Covid-19 can be felt across the industry, agencies and organisations alike have had to furlough staff to keep their businesses afloat. When clear and concise communication is at its most required, there are a pool of volunteer PR practitioners ready to provide support during this period, through The Community PR Initiative.  

Spearheaded by Nick Payne and Alex Williams of Roxhill Media and Aceil Haddad, the band of volunteers including RedGem and Latte Recruitment have pulled resources to identify charities and businesses in need. 

Nick Payne, co-founder of The Community PR Initiative and VP of Sales at Roxhill comments: “It’s an unprecedented time for our country, and there is a real need for clear communications at this time. At Roxhill, we provide PR practitioners and access to a comprehensive database of journalist and media contacts. It’s a valuable resource, and at this time we wanted to use it for good, which is why I have approached our users to create The Community PR initiative. Our aim is clear, we want to help charities, local authorities and other organisations with support to get their messages out at a critical time for people’s health.” 

To access support, charities, community groups and businesses will be asked to apply through a simple form. This will then be put forward to the core team, who will judge it on one basic criterion – the extent to which it benefits the community, on passing it will then be given to a PR professional.  

Aceil Haddad, co-founder The Community PR Initiative PR specialist adds: “Corona has taken a hold on our society, and we are all in lockdown. Clear messaging has never been more important, be it – #stayathome, or signposting people to assistance in applying for Universal Credit, signing up for the Priority Services Register or finding help through domestic violence and child abuse charities. Households, charities and businesses are under pressure at this time, with many people looking to help where they can, which is why I was delighted to join forces with the team at Roxhill to get this project off the ground.  

“This is a temporary arrangement, and volunteering our skills will make these messages clearer, and help ease the pressure on these organisations. It is also an opportunity for us as PR professionals to broaden our experience, network and relationships with journalists alike.” 

For more information about how to get involved please go to  

For PR’s to apply –  

To apply for PR support –  

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