Purpose Union Adds Evening Standard And The Body Shop Alumni To New Climate Counsel Offer

Social purpose strategy firm Purpose Union has announced the creation of its Climate Counsel, including former Evening Standard Executive Editor Joy Lo Dico and former The Body Shop activism and communications lead Kate Levine, as well as advisers based in the US and Germany. 

The Climate Counsel will work with businesses and other organisations to plan, communicate and deliver ambitious, authentic and credible climate campaigns that support the transition to net zero. Services will include net zero communications advisory, campaign development and execution, strategic partnerships and coalitions, policy and advocacy, as well as climate insights and branding.

The launch comes as US President Joe Biden hosts a global climate summit to mark Earth Day and the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson prepares to host a climate-focused G7 Leader Summit before the crucial COP26 climate summit in Glasgow later this year. A recent study by Climate Counsel members showed that Millennials and Gen Z, an increasingly influential generation of activists, want more from businesses. Two-thirds (67%) believe that business leaders are important in tackling climate change but just under a quarter (24%) think businesses are doing enough.

Commenting on the launch of the Climate Counsel, Barry Johnston, Founding Partner at Purpose Union said: “It’s not overstating things to say we’re approaching the endgame when it comes to climate change. If you’re not using the skills and talents at your disposal to join the fight against climate change, you’re not paying attention to the world around you. Solving climate change is not just a technical exercise. It is about winning arguments, building coalitions, changing mindsets and behaviors.

That’s why we’ve brought together this unique group of expert advisors with vast and diverse experience across business, communications and advocacy.  Building on existing expertise working with some of the biggest brands, nonprofits and philanthropists in the climate space, we want to work with those organisations and individuals that are prepared to take the big, bold steps necessary to tackle the climate emergency.”  

The full list of strategists in the Climate Counsel includes:

  • Barry Johnston, Founding Partner

  • Charline Merieau; (Germany) brand and digital

  • Daniela Flores, Founding Partner

  • Dom Goggins; sustainability, advocacy and partnership

  • Jo Lo Dico, Partner; media and communications

  • Kate Levine; activism, communications and sustainability

  • Lewis Iwu, Founding Partner

  • Matt Pitt; (Germany) brand and digital

  • Phil Riggins; data and insights

  • Taylor Royle; (US) communications and creative

  • Zara Taylor-Jackson; policy & advocacy

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