Rachel Riley teams up with Magic Breakfast children’s charity for ‘Fuel For Success’ campaign

Countdown presenter Rachel Riley has joined forces with national food charity Magic Breakfast to support their new campaign Fuel For Success, which aims to raise awareness of the positive impact a healthy breakfast can have on a child’s success in and out of the classroom, and vital funds for the charity.

Magic Breakfast is the UK’s leading charity for school breakfast provision. Now marking its 20th year, it supports up to 170,000 children at risk of hunger each school day, ensuring they have the fuel they need to succeed.

In addition to helping tackle child hunger, healthy school breakfasts have been found to improve children’s emotional, physical and mental wellbeing as well as their educational attainment.

The attainment gap has widened as a result of the pandemic and disadvantaged children are now further behind their wealthier peers. Starting the day with a healthy breakfast can help these children catch up at school.

Rachel Riley, who has supported Magic Breakfast since 2020, is now supporting their new campaign Fuel For Success via a video launched on Magic Breakfast’s social media channels – where she joins children from the charity’s partner schools who share their future ambitions. Rachel discloses that when she was younger, before becoming a TV star, she wanted to become an architect so that she could combine her mathematical side with her creative side.

Rachel Riley says in the video:

“Before the pandemic, disadvantaged children were already nine months behind their classmates in terms of reading and maths. Over the course of the pandemic all children have lost valuable learning time, but unfortunately those at risk of hunger have been hardest impacted and they need our help. Now providing a healthy breakfast can help close that attainment gap, and ensure that all children have energy that they need to succeed in and out of the classroom. So please help Magic Breakfast provide Fuel For Success”.

According to the Food Foundation, an estimated 2.3 million children lived in households that experienced food insecurity in the 6 months up to January 2021.

Donate to help Magic Breakfast provide Fuel For Success

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