Reckitt launches Oh Yes! Net Zero initiative with Hull and Humber partners to make Hull a net zero city

Reckitt, the maker of Dettol, is joining forces with over 35 businesses and community representatives in its birthplace, Hull, on a net zero initiative known as ‘Oh Yes! Net Zero’, that will lead the UK on its way to becoming carbon neutral. Hull is critical to the UK’s net zero ambitions as the Hull and Humber is the most carbon intensive industrial cluster in the UK: without Hull reaching net zero, the UK will not reach net zero1.

The aim of the net zero initiative is to develop an innovative economic model in Hull to reduce carbon emissions and support a net zero future. By bringing together the private, public and education sectors, this collaboration supports the Government’s Levelling Up agenda.

The net zero collaboration is based on a ‘Living Lab’ approach, where learnings will be shared at individual (household), organisational and community levels, allowing the Hull experience to help other cities both in the UK and across the world achieve the same net zero ambitions.

Examples of commitments from partners so far include:

  • Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has pledged to reach net zero by 2030. A £4.5m solar panel “Field of Dreams”, is expected to generate enough energy to power the whole of Castle Hill Hospital. The Trust is also reducing anaesthetic gas emissions by 50% by Anaesthetic gases make up 2% of all NHS emissions. Using a single bottle of desflurane, the most common anaesthetic gas, has the same global warming effect as burning 440kg of coal.
  • Hull City Council’s investments include £56m in carbon-neutral, green and net zero capital projects over the next four years (wind, solar, and district heating), as well as electrification of the council’s 300-strong fleet of vehicles by 2030. As part of its housing growth plan, Hull City Council is investing £50m to make energy saving improvements in the existing housing stock, and is committed to building new, modern council housing with enhanced levels of insulation to reduce energy demand.
  • Reckitt has delivered on its commitment to purchasing 100% renewable energy at its Science and Innovation Centre in Hull, as well as in all of its manufacturing sites Reckitt is also committed to generating 50% of net revenue from more sustainable products and reducing virgin plastic use by 50% by 2030.
  • Reckitt, the Hull City Council and 1851 Trust have committed to empower 13 local secondary schools with science-based knowledge to take positive action against climate change with a new ‘Protect Our Future’ programme. To kick start 18 months of action, students will conduct a packaging recycling practical activity to better understand how to take action now and develop skills for the They will be joined by 1851 Trust ambassador, Olympic sailor, Hannah Mills OBE.
  • Ideal Heating and Hull City Council are conducting a study investigating the impact associated with using air source heat pumps to drive energy efficiencies and cost savings for residents.
  • The Ron Dearing University Technical College (UTC) is investing in an employer-led school to provide local young people with the skills to support the city region’s aspirations to lead the way in decarbonisation and

Out of the six largest industrial clusters in the UK, the Humber region, where Hull is located, is responsible for the most CO2 emissions (around 37% of the clusters’ total)1. The Oh Yes! initiative’s innovative approach, uniting private and public communities in the city and putting the place at the heart of the net-zero strategy, is crucial to achieving the UK’s net zero strategy.

It will also encourage local residents to make small changes that together can make a meaningful difference in reducing our collective carbon footprint. Across the country, emissions from homes generally make up more than a quarter of all emissions2, highlighting the opportunity that each of us has to make a difference.

COP26 President, Alok Sharma said:

“This is a unique campaign, illustrating the action we need to see as the UK becomes carbon neutral by 2050. It brings private and public sectors together, and asks every individual, household and organisation to help and make a difference across the Hull and Humberside areas.

“I look forward to seeing their success in driving down emissions, raising innovation and hope to see their ideas being replicated across the UK.”

Laxman Narasimhan, CEO of Reckitt said: “I’m delighted that Reckitt, along with our coalition of partners, is bringing together the people of Hull and the Humber to shape the region’s net zero future. We’re extremely proud of our 182 years’ heritage in the city and are committed to the role Reckitt plays in creating a cleaner, healthier world for all.

“The Oh Yes! initiative, focused on one of Britain’s biggest industrial clusters, aims to unite and galvanise the city region behind the central aim of reducing carbon emissions and supporting the UK’s target to become net zero by 2050.”

Individuals, households and organisations can say Oh Yes! to making small changes to drive down carbon emissions by signing up for tips and advice at

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