Reputation Institute Uncovers 10 New Reputation Macro-Trends Worldwide

The Reputation Institute tracks and analyzes stakeholder perceptions in 25 industries and for more than 7,000 companies worldwide. In 2017, the firm partnered with a variety of Fortune 1000 companies by measuring their reputation and uncovering valuable insight into how and when to take meaningful action that results in enhanced reputation and greater returns.

“We looked at the data from 2017 and discovered emerging trends that are critically important for CEOs and business leaders to be mindful of as they plan ahead for this year and beyond,” explains Reputation Institute’s Chief Research Officer, Stephen Hahn-Griffiths. 

As the global economy becomes increasingly impacted by the intangibles that continue to shape and define companies, Reputation Institute research has uncovered ten emerging trends that underscore how reputation moves the world and shapes financial markets.

At no time has reputation been at the fore of current events more than in 2017; a year awash in reputation scandal surrounding cybersecurity breaches, fake news, and sexual harassment indictments. This was also a period during which there were positive surges in CEO activism, corporate social responsibility, and a focus on upgrading workplace culture.

Expect to see these emerging trends – all directly impacting reputation –  throughout 2018:  

  1. CEO activism – Audiences have increased expectations of companies and their willingness to take a stand on societal issues.
  2. Nationalism vs. globalism – The multi-national company is waning, empowering the home-country advantage as patriotic and nationalistic.
  3. Everyday influencers – The power of influence through word-of-mouth and social media networks continues to create influencers; ordinary people are having extraordinary impact.
  4. Corporations finding higher purpose – Corporations with a higher purpose yield stronger reputations that directly translate into higher profits.
  5. Fake news vs. truth – Credibility continues to be called into question, organizations will need to work harder to prove themselves honest.
  6. Cybersecurity breaches – All companies must embrace preventative measures and proactive crisis communication plans.
  7. Cultural narrative of sexual equality – Employers, employees, and investors alike are increasingly aligning behind the movements to support gender pay equality and adopt zero tolerance sexual harassment policies.
  8. Focus on workplace culture – With increasingly low unemployment rates, the potential to attract and maintain employees of choice is now more likely to be shaped by intangible cultural benefits.
  9. Tweet ranting – Earned media and journalistic reporting is less likely to drive the public relations sector in the way tweet rants and social media outlets dominate mainstream media.
  10. Millennials matter more –  Representing over a quarter of the US population, Millennials actively participate in social media and social responsibility making them highly influential in shaping corporate values and innovation.

For more details, and to discoverthe latest Reputation Institute research, view a complete recording of the “Top 10 Reputation Macro-Trends Every CEO Should Know” webinar online at:


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