Route launches Out of Home research data for Q4 2022

Building on its role as the official source of accurate Out of Home (OOH) audience research in Great Britain since 2013, Route has unveiled Out of Home data for Q4 2022. This is the first data to provide advertisers with the who, what, where and when of outdoor advertising since the COVID-19 lockdowns ended.  

Out of Home advertising still reaches 97% of the population – and 83% of adults see a digital screen each week. Route focuses on measuring advertising in public spaces – anywhere where people can walk or drive – and relies on data that is generated from one of the most advanced audience measurement systems in the world. 

Route data allows users – advertisers, outdoor media owners and media agencies – to track OOH media across the nation at a time of extraordinary innovation within the medium and changes in consumer travel behaviour. 

Working with Ipsos and industry partners the IPA, ISBA and Outsmart, Route has applied three new methodology developments for data releases going forwards, including: 

  • Synchronising data to reflect current audiences, allowing the currency to account for changes in journey volumes since 2019 

  • New behavioural data to better understand traffic in retail environments – most impactful for indoor inventory such as rail stations, shopping malls and the London Underground 

  • New visual data to update how likely people are to see OOH media when they are exposed to the ads under different circumstances 

Lindsay Rapacchi, Research & Insight Director at Clear Channel UK says, “Great to see this world-leading measurement system continue to evolve and improve. As an Out of Home media owner, these developments reaffirm our ability to provide unparalleled national reach, increase our accountability and afford brands the opportunity to tailor campaigns toward key target audiences. Essential components for the year ahead and beyond.”

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