Secret Deodorant Brings Relief to Over 100,000 Women and Their Families with YWCA Partnership

As part of a $1 million pledge to help foster gender equality,Secret Deodorant is helping to pay for childcare, workforce development and barrier reduction programs and services for more than 100,000 women and their families across the YWCA network. Spanning across 12 communities that continue to be impacted by the pandemic, the donation will aid YWCA to provide safe and affordable care for children and workforce development programs to ensure that moms are able to re-enter the workforce with family-sustaining jobs.

This latest installment of the Raise It Up campaign brings a docuseries entitled “Secret Superhero Moms,” as a portrayal of a working mother’s resilience to provide for her children despite financial hardships and career challenges. In partnership with the YWCA, Secret is shining a light on the perseverance of three real-life superhero moms, using the video series to drive awareness of its belief that women and their families shouldn’t have to sweat childcare.

“When the December job loss report showed 100% of the 140,000 job losses belonged to women1, it was a breaking point,” said Sara Saunders, Senior Brand Director, Secret & Gillette. “As a result of the pandemic, women – especially women of color – have been forced to scale back or leave their jobs, further exacerbating existing economic and racial disparities. Through our partnership with YWCA, we are creating tangible solutions and a meaningful impact by supporting their mission in providing essential childcare resources.”

The brand commissioned a survey to understand how children viewed their moms. Conducted among children between the ages of 8-12, Secret found that 97% of children agree their mom is their superhero. When asked of their moms’ super abilities, 74% of kids said their moms are always there to help them, 66% said they always fix problems, and 54% said they always get the job done.

“These women are role models in their communities, and most importantly, superheroes to their children,” said Elisha Rhodes, Interim CEO, YWCA USA. “We are incredibly proud of our partnership with Secret and what they continue to do to embolden women everywhere. We hope these childcare development programs help lift a weight off the shoulders of many other families.”

With the support of YWCA, Secret produced a docuseries capturing a glimpse of what moms’ face while reminding them that they, too, are superheroes. The series highlights three superheroes from across the nation who, despite their stories of adversity, remain resilient.

  • Chelena – Superpower: Intuition
    An effervescent single mom of five (two sets of twins) in St. Louis whose spirit lights up any darkness. Despite sacrificing her career to take care of an ill child, Chelena remains a spiritual beacon for those around her.
  • Martha – Superpower: Bravery
    A loving mother of four in Elgin, IL working two jobs, 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. Martha immigrated to the US and despite insurmountable setbacks continues to inspire those around her.
  • Tali – Superpower: Strength
    As a front-line healthcare worker in Atlanta, Tali uses scrubs as her costume, PPE as her armor and nasal swabs as her weapon. After her husband was forced to quit his job to take care of their two children, Tali continued taking care of her family and patients while also dealing with the tremendous personal loss of her own Superhero mom.

“Secret has a history of taking action to advance pivotal societal conversations with programs like the Women’s Soccer Equal Pay program and the Kick Inequality Super Bowl ad that aim to empower and support women,” stated Freddy Bharucha, senior vice president, North America Personal Care, Procter & Gamble. “The next chapter of the multi-phased Raise It Up initiative continues our commitment to helping move towards a world of gender equality through equal compensation and equal representation. We will further dedicate our efforts to be a force for good, to come together and do more for communities and equality.”

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