Secret Deodorant Launches Initiative Empowering Women to Achieve Financial Wellness

Ahead of Financial Literacy Month this April, Secret Deodorant is introducing a multi-year financial empowerment initiative that starts by providing 1 million young women with access to in-depth financial courses and training resources developed and led by highly-renowned female financial experts. The initiative was unveiled yesterday at the New York Stock Exchange during the ‘Young Women’s Financial Wellness Forum,’ hosted in partnership with Seneca Women, a women’s leadership platform dedicated to advancing women in the economy and around the world. The initiative is designed to support young women at the very start of their independent financial journeys, by providing them with the foundational tools needed to succeed today, and in turn, improve their financial wellness.

Gen Z adults in the U.S. report the highest level of stress compared to any other generation, according to the American Psychological Association.1 The biggest cause of stress? Money. Financial stress disproportionately impacts women, particularly women of color. Black and Hispanic women generally have higher unmet financial needs, more student loan debt, and are more likely to struggle financially while in school.2 Unfortunately, this disparity can take a toll on a woman’s financial journey.3 By 2030, Secret will empower millions of young women to tackle financial stress and forge a path to equitable wealth.

“As part of Secret’s continued efforts to uplift women, we hope to spark a conversation about financial well-being and provide tools for financial literacy and education,” said Kate DiCarlo, Senior Communications Director, Personal Care Portfolio, Procter & Gamble. “Secret is proud to partner with a diverse group of women to lend their financial expertise to this initiative.”

Secret commissioned an advisory board of renowned multicultural financial experts to help propel its mission of increasing access to financial education, proving that a financially well life is within reach for all women. The financial experts helped launch the initiative by providing practical, tangible advice geared towards the needs and concerns of Gen Z women at Seneca Women’s ‘Young Women’s Financial Wellness Forum’ in partnership with Secret.

Secret’s alliance of financial experts includes:

  • Berna Anat:Financial educator and author of “Money Out Loud – All the Financial Stuff No One Taught Us,” helping BIPOC and first-gen folks feel seen in the money world
  • Carmen Perez: Creator of MUCH budgeting app, helping individuals manage their money and paychecks
  • Giovanna Gonzalez: Founder of The First Gen Mentor, helping first-generation students and young professionals of color entering the workplace to confidently manage their money
  • Jamila Souffrant: Founder of Journey to Launch, helping individuals launch into financial freedom
  • Marsha Barnes: CEO and founder of The Finance Bar Members Club, helping individuals start their journey to financial wellness

“I understand how imperative it is to be well-versed in the world of finances. From understanding how to get your first credit card, student loans, to how to apply for a mortgage and dealing with debt, it’s a lot to take in,” said Marsha Barnes, personal finance expert and founder of The Finance Bar Members Club. “Through financial therapy and education, I can support women throughout their experiences, and partnering with Secret gives me the opportunity to extend a helping hand to more women in need. I look forward to making a meaningful impact in young women’s lives as they embark on their personal journeys to achieve financial wellness.”

The multi-phased initiative will also take to social media to reach young women through #SecretMoneyMoves, a series of financial literacy social posts that address the ins and outs of prominent financial questions, like how to create a budget, negotiate your first salary, understand your credit score and much more.

Secret has also joined forces with Prosperity Now, the nation’s leading racial economic justice organization, to help remove the barriers for young women in need to achieve financial equity. The organization’s mission is to drive economic opportunity for all and build equitable economic power through impactful systemic change; centering those who have been historically excluded, amplifying community-rooted solutions, and energizing them through research, advocacy, policy and narrative change.

To learn more about Secret’s new financial empowerment programming, visit

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