Sky Media unveils programmatic Creative Optimisation to elevate campaign effectiveness.

Sky Media, the sales arm of Sky today announces the launch of a new programmatic Creative Optimisation capability aimed at performance and response focused TV advertisers. In partnership with Adalyser and using Sky’s ability to directly link TV ad viewing and web activity, Programmatic Creative Optimisation dynamically matches the most suitable ad creative to the most responsive audience, all while the campaign is live.

The optimisation tool looks at genre, channels, time-of-day, day of week, and automatically updates the spot schedule and creative deployed to optimise response. Ad selection is adapted based on message, product or call-to-action depending on campaign creative supplied. The tool does this as close to transmission as possible to ensure it’s using the latest and most relevant data. Sky Media has been testing the tool with brands and have seen campaign response rates increase by around 18% with the programmatic tool active.

Sky’s Web Attribution tool is instrumental to this as it can link spot placements to website activity and purchases. With this knowledge, an airtime schedule can be adapted to deliver the most effective campaign for clients. As an example, one creative may work better in the daytime, versus another in peak; or one call-to-action may drive a better result from viewers of food programming or Sky Arts, while another works better for motoring content and Sky Sports.

Cath Crow, Head of Performance at Sky Media “We know from speaking with advertisers, that making sure every pound and ad placement count is essential in today’s climate. So, putting the best ad in front of the most responsive audience makes a massive difference. Being able to earn as the campaign runs and generate the best results in broadcast TV is a great step forward for advertisers. At Sky we continue to bring some of the best features of digital into the premium, big screen, brand safe world of TV.”

An animated explainer of the capability can be found here –

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