Leonard Cheshire release hard-hitting film ‘Journey to Independence’ to launch nationwide campaign.

Most of us take our independence for granted. The freedom to choose how we live, what we learn, where we work. The choice to go out, have lunch with friends or just pop to the shops. But with 1 in 5 of us in the UK acquiring a disability at some point in our lives, suddenly, everything becomes more challenging. What does it take, as human beings, to have the patience and energy to push through the pain and frustration, to find the strength to thrive again? ‘Journey to Independence’,…

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Past Campaigns – Always #LikeAGirl – Unstoppable


As we’re a new site but want to be an overall resource I felt it might be good to showcase some of what I feel are the best ethical marketing campaigns from the past, this one is from 2015, and was a follow on from a hugely successful campaign in 2014 which I will feature later: This campaign was a follow up to 2014’s incredibly powerful #LikeAGirl campaign which was one of the biggest digital advertising success stories in the world. It went viral in just a few days, sparking…

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