Tagline from the Clio Awards Launches

At the Clio Awards, editor in chief Tim Nudd has spent the last year recording conversations with the creators of the advertising industry’s most memorable campaigns—from “Got Milk?” to “The Most Interesting Man in the World.”

He’s dug deep into the teachable insights, madcap behind-the-scenes anecdotes and fateful decisions that came together to make marketing magic.

The result is Tagline. A podcast about great ads and the people who make them.

The first episode of Tagline launched on Muse by Cliotaglinepodcast.com and wherever you get your podcasts today.

Additionally, to promote the series, we’re working with GUT on a campaign to promote the show on Clubhouse each week. We’re gamifying the Clubhouse experience and hosting a live weekly game show called “Do You Even Ad Nerd” that will pit two well-known creative executives against each other each week to test their ad trivia knowledge. Pretty sure we’re the first brand to utilize Clubhouse as a marketing tool in this way, so it’s an exciting part of the experience and I can provide more info on that aspect if you’re interested.

About Tagline, from the Clio Awards and Muse by Clio
The show about great ads, and the people who make them. Clio Awards editor in chief and longtime ad critic Tim Nudd digs into classic commercials and campaigns by talking to the people who made them. Ad nerds, this is the show for you.

Tagline is presented by GSTV. New episodes will be available every Monday at Muse by Cliotaglinepodcast.com and wherever you get your podcasts.

Additional Episodes

Episode 2: Volkswagen “The Force”

Episode Trailer: https://youtu.be/Auw8-5eMYMM 

Full Episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCGsZGPEBA4 (tion: In February 2011, Volkswagen aired a commercial on Super Bowl 45 that fundamentally changed the way advertisers thought about the game. Created by the agency Deutsch LA, it was called “The Force,” and it told the story of a kid in a Darth Vader mask trying to bend objects to his will around his suburban home—and it was also the first Super Bowl spot to be released before the game. On this episode of Tagline, we talk to many of the key players who were involved in the ad’s creation—Tim Ellis and Jennifer Clayton on the client side, the creatives David Povill and Craig Melchiano, who came up with the Star Wars idea, the former Deutsch execs Pari Boorer, Michael Kadin, and Mike Sheldon, the editor Jim Haygood, and of course, Max Page, now a junior in high school, who melted the hearts of millions at age 6 with his irresistible turn as the pint-size Vader.

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