The Arbor Day Foundation Partners With Andriaki Shipping to Plant 60,000 Trees in Indonesia

Andriaki Shipping, a marine shipping company based in Greece, will partner with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant 60,000 trees in West Papua, Indonesia. The reforestation effort will help to revitalize West Papua’s local economy and restore natural habitats for area wildlife.

“We are thankful for partners like Andriaki Shipping who are committed to making a positive difference for people, wildlife, and the natural environment by planting trees,” said Dan Lambe, president, Arbor Day Foundation.

The Arbor Day Foundation’s reforestation efforts in Indonesia aim to promote food security by restoring mangroves and tropical forests. Agroforestry is increasingly vital in West Papua, which is part of the Coral Triangle, a region of the western Pacific Ocean recognized as the center for marine biodiversity. Climate change threatens the existence of the region’s vast coral reefs, which provide food, income, and protection from storms for coastal communities.

By reducing runoff into the oceans and preventing rising ocean temperatures, tree planting will also help protect West Papua’s marine wildlife. The Coral Triangle is home to thousands of species of marine animals, including at least 500 species of reef-building corals, 200 species of fish, and six of the world’s seven marine turtle species.

Engaging local communities is a key facet of reforestation efforts in West Papua. Since the project’s launch in 2017, local engagement has surged and planting efforts have expanded rapidly to include the remote islands of Biak, Yapan, and Seram in addition to mainland West Papua. Biak Island is one of the poorest areas of Indonesia; subsistence farmers and fishers make up approximately 75% of the Island’s population.

“Dedication to environmental sustainability is part of our vision; we are therefore very enthusiastic to partner with Arbor Day Foundation and support their efforts to facilitate change around the globe,” said Dimitrios S. Korkodilos, CEO, Andriaki Shipping Co. Ltd.

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