The Jed Foundation (JED) Launches #LoveisLouder Action Center to Protect Emotional Health and Promote Wellness During COVID-19 Crisis

The Jed Foundation (JED), a national nonprofit working to protect the mental health of teens and young adults, has launched the #LoveisLouder Action Center at with tips, tools, and resources to support the emotional health and overall wellness of people staying in and practicing physical distancing to stop the spread of COVID-19.

A new Kaiser Family Poll reports nearly half of Americans are struggling with mental health issues during this crisis. New content is being added to the Action Center daily to support emotional health, including simple mindfulness exercises like meditation and gratitude journaling, free options for exercising at home, creative ways to remain connected while practicing physical distancing, and resources for specific issues like managing financial stress or mental health conditions like depression or eating disorders.

The Action Center and related outreach efforts are asking individuals “How Will You Stay Today?” and helping them commit to daily actions to stay calm, stay kind, stay active, and stay connected. The site’s content is designed to help maintain a routine, build resiliency, cope with anxiety and stressors, and amplify the message that #LoveisLouder than the distance between us.

“It’s inspiring to see so many voices encouraging people to stay home if they can, but it’s also critical that we help people take care of their mental health and support each other while they’re staying in,” says John MacPhee, executive director and CEO of The Jed Foundation. “Our mental health impacts our immune systems, so it’s important that we help people stay active and manage stress and anxiety during these times of uncertainty to prevent further strain on our medical system.”

“In most situations where we are facing intense emotional struggles, there are people in our support networks who aren’t going through that same experience,” says Courtney Knowles, co-founder of JED’s Love is Louder project. “Right now, we’re all going through this unprecedented challenge while being physically apart, so it’s more important than ever to take actions to help ourselves and others.”

JED’s Love is Louder project was launched in 2010 to strengthen emotional health and create a world where we all feel more protected and supported. In late March, the JED team worked quickly to refocus this program and rebuild to encourage people to stay home as a way of showing love to their community, and to provide practical, evidence-based tips and tools for taking care of themselves and supporting others.

JED is monitoring and checking in with its digital community to understand their needs in this evolving crisis, and developing content and experiences to support them. The Action Center’s content and resources are also being offered to other organizations and campaigns supporting people through this difficult time. The Action Center is serving as a core resource for the #AloneTogether campaign created by MTV, Comedy Central, Paramount, CMT and the Entertainment & Youth Brands of ViacomCBS in partnership with the Ad Council.

Learn more at Find ways to use your voice and social media to amplify the impact of the Action Center at

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