Timberland Gives Worn Items a New Life Through Timberloop™ Take-Back Program

Timberland’s new Timberloop™ product take-back program will be available both online and in stores across the United States. Through this program, consumers are encouraged to return any used Timberland® footwear, clothing, or accessories so they can be given a new life. Returned products will either be disassembled and some parts will be reused, recycled/upcycled into new products, or refurbished for sale on a dedicated web site launching later this spring. 

The Timberloop™ program enables Timberland and its community to work together to “close the loop,” keeping products and materials in circulation for as long as possible. Disassembling used products and putting materials back into their respective recycling streams translates into reduced waste and environmental impact. Timberland aims for 100% of its products to be designed for full circularity by 2030.

“Timberland® products are already designed to be durable and long-lasting, and I love the idea of extending that even further with a second life outside the landfill,” says Susie Mulder, global brand president for Timberland. “With the growing awareness of environmental issues and personal consumption choices, I believe our community will be as excited about the Timberloop™ program as we are. This is a huge step as we work toward our vision of a more equitable and green future.” 

Clearly marked donation boxes will be installed in each full price and outlet Timberland® store, complemented by a convenient digital ship-from-home option. For the digital option, simply visit timberland.com/timberloop, print the free shipping label, and mail back your worn products to begin their recycling journey. Beyond helping preserve the planet, participants in the Timberloop™ program will receive a 10% discount toward their next purchase.

This Earth Day (April 22), the brand will also unveil the Timberloop™ Trekker City Hiker, its latest eco-innovation specifically designed for circularity. Along with sneaker-like comfort and a progressive outdoor look, this city hiker features a unique sole construction whereby the outsoles can be easily removed and disassembled for recycling through the Timberloop™ platform.

The Timberloop™ take-back program, which will roll out next in EMEA and APAC, helps fuel Timberland’s bold vision for its products to have a net positive impact on nature by 2030, specifically through 100% circular design (supported by the take-back program) and 100% regeneratively sourced natural materials. 

For more information about Timberland’s commitment to a more equitable and green future, visit the brand’s Responsibility Site.

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