TotalEnergies and the Technical University of Denmark Create a Center of Excellence in Decarbonized Energies

During a recent trip to Denmark, Patrick Pouyanné, CEO of TotalEnergies signed an agreement with the President of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) concerning the creation of the DTU-TotalEnergies Excellence Center of Clean Energy. This advanced research center will focus on developing reliable, profitable, low-emission energy solutions that will reduce the intermittence of renewables and accelerate the decarbonization of industrial facilities.

Located at the Risø campus, to the west of Copenhagen, the new center will be housed on the premises of the DTU, which is recognized in particular for its advanced research into offshore wind energy. This will pave the way for synergies with TotalEnergies, which has already established a global portfolio of offshore wind farms with total capacity of over 11 GW (3/4 fixed and 1/4 floating).

The DTU-TotalEnergies Excellence Center of Clean Energy will have three main missions: 

  • Construction of a next-generation hybrid electric platform
    This pilot scheme at the Risø power plant will test different systems for optimizing the production of wind energy with battery storage systems and the production of green hydrogen. The scientific data from the pilot scheme will then be used for research programs.
  • Multi-energy training for employees
    Training is an essential driver for TotalEnergies’ successful transformation into a multi-energy company. The DTU will provide training for employees, with online masterclasses and specially designed courses on electricity and clean energy.
  • Research partnerships
    TotalEnergies’ researchers and engineers will work with the DTU’s teaching staff, researchers and students on research programs for the joint development of technological solutions, with a focus on next-generation wind technologies and floating wind farms.

“Denmark is among the most ambitious and committed countries for clean energy. We established our conventional offshore technical center here after acquiring  Maersk Oil in 2018. This new research center will contribute to TotalEnergies’ transformation into a multi-energy company. We are pleased to be able to count on the DTU’s internationally recognized expertise in renewables, especially floating offshore wind, to improve our performance, test tomorrow’s technologies and train our employees,” said Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, TotalEnergies.

“As a trusted partner for companies looking to increase the sustainability of the energy system, DTU is happy to do this joint work with TotalEnergies. Our partnership will be based on scientific excellence and essential new technologies, and I hope that it will provide a platform for closer cooperation and future research into sustainable energy between DTU and TotalEnergies” said DTU President Anders Bjarklev.

The joint research center reflects the open innovation approach taken by TotalEnergies, which is leveraging its talent, research infrastructure, pilot sites and an international network of research centers, start-ups and prominent academic partners. Our R&D, working hand in hand with our industrial hub and businesses, is at the forefront of the Company’s transformation, dedicating 60% of its budget to the development of new energies and sustainability.

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