Ukraine media market showing surprising resilience

This article was witten by WFA with content sourced from Rafał Szysz (Stars), and Svitlana Kalinina (Kwendi), please explore the WFA’s website for similar information.

Ukraine’s media market has proved as resilient as the country’s citizens, according to a “one year on” snapshot produced by local media auditor KWENDI and Poland’s Stars.

Despite the fact that KWENDI’s work is often interrupted by bombing, it reports that since TV advertising returned in May 2022, the number of advertisers had reached around 100 by the end of the year, approximately 30% of the 2021 level.

For the start of 2023, TV measurement has also been restored and TV channels are looking beyond news, investing in new content and supporting local talent.

Advertisers are also investing in media and developing new communication and producing new creative, as the “old” tone of voice and messages are simply inadequate in the new reality.

The return of a more “normal” media market has occurred at a time when there is massive change in consumer behaviour. News is consumed via Telegram channels and YouTube, while previous leader, TV, is only at No. 3, for example. Nevertheless, TV maintains an important role of providing common context for the Ukrainian people.

Stars and KWENDI say it is difficult to make forecasts, as planning horizons have been greatly reduced, however, the most cautious market forecasts predict that 2023 investments may be at a good 50% of the pre-war level.

Like the rest of the economy, Ukraine’s media workers are looking for new opportunities for development, making incredible efforts to accelerate victory.

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