UNICEF USA launches “We Won’t Stop” Campaign

How will children remember 2020? UNICEF USA invites us to make a choice, reminding us that we’re at our best when united, as part of its newest campaign developed in partnership with The Community London.

“We Won’t Stop” underscores the notion that the worst times tend to bring out the best of people. It serves as a rallying cry to all the forward-looking good-hearted people around the world. The campaign consists of three central spots that call for unity in the face of division. UNICEF has 13,000 constituents committed to a better future for every child – and they won’t stop, no matter the odds. Drawing on this spirit, the spot highlights how the legacy of this year can and should be the compassionate, generous response to fear and division as opposed to fear and division itself.

Shelley Diamond, Chief Marketing Officer at UNICEF USA said: “Over the past year, we’ve reminded people of UNICEF’s unwavering persistence and the lengths our people on the ground – our Badass Do-Gooders – will go to protect children’s rights. Now, even as people are faced with more anxiety and uncertainty, UNICEF won’t stop fighting for vulnerable children and families around the globe. We’re sharing stories of hope, tenacity, and unrelenting determination to elevate spirits and assure people that it’s possible to keep making a difference.”

Mark Hunter, Executive Creative Director at The Community London said: “Only UNICEF, an organization committed to achieving the impossible day in and day out, could ask us to see this horrible year in a totally different way.  This campaign makes clear that the year 2020 will live long in our memories, but points out that how we remember it is a choice.  With this work UNICEF invites the world to focus not only on the fear and the suffering felt by so many this year, but also on humanity’s kind and generous response to those things.”

This campaign is now running nationally on Connected TV in the U.S., as well as on digital and social, and marks the community London’s second campaign for UNICEF USA.

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