UNICEF’s Toys Of Hope Initiative Reunites Refugee Children With The Toys They Left Behind And Sparks Hope For The Future

There are more than 1.500.000 refugee children in Turkey.  Forced to flee their homeland, these children have lost a lot:  their relatives, friends, home, schools and some of their most beloved personal belongings…

On November 20th World Children’s Day, UNICEF wanted to reunite refugee children with the toys they left behind; toys that remind them loving memories and hope for better days.

Based on the children’s descriptions; toy designers, 3D modelers, and sculptors recreated their favorite toys, the Toys of Hope.

Şehd got her doll back, Raghad, which her mom had brought from the pilgrimage. Ahmed got back the toy plane, which was a keepsake from his grandfather, and Şaban reunited with his beloved truck Kömür.

UNICEF released a 2 minute video; featuring this initiative starting from the design phase of the toys; to the bright moments when the kids finally got to hold them.

By sharing the videos on social media platforms, UNICEF is asking from viewers to support this initiative. More information is on the initiative’s website: www.unicef.org.tr




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