United Breast Cancer Foundation Featured at Super Bowl LII (52)

The United Breast Cancer Foundation (UBCF) is proud to have their print Public Service Announcement (PSA) awareness message, “Tackling Breast Cancer”, featured in the Official 2018 NFL Super Bowl LII Game Program and the USA Today Special Edition Super Bowl Preview. Super Bowl LII (52) is only the sixth “Cold Weather” Super Bowl in the history of the event and took place this Sunday, February 4th in the “Twin Cities” – Minneapolis, Minnesota, at the recently constructed U.S. Bank Stadium. This is the 2nd time the NFL franchise the Minnesota Vikings and the State of Minnesota have hosted Super Bowl Sunday. Tom Brady and the defending 5-time NFL Super Bowl Champions, the New England Patriots, are chasing history competing against “Underdogs” the Philadelphia Eagles, for their 6th modern-era Vince Lombardi Trophy-Super Bowl Championship.

UBCF’s print PSA awareness message “Tackling Breast Cancer” features a striking image of a female football player with the statement, “Together We Are Tackling Breast Cancer”. The print PSA includes educational facts regarding breast cancer statistics and information about male breast cancer. UBCF’s goal is twofold – to support Every Woman® and to raise awareness of male breast cancer. In 2018, an estimated 2,470 men will be diagnosed, and 460 men will die from breast cancer. UBCF encourages women and men to be self-aware. Learn the male self-breast exam – download here.

UBCF Executive Director, Ms. Stephanie Mastroianni shared, “The opportunity to spread UBCF’s mission, brand and what we stand for through Super Bowl LII has been a blessing. We hope our print PSA, ‘Tackling Breast Cancer’ will help us support more women, men and families impacted by breast cancer.” Stephanie continued, “We also hope our print PSA will inspire men to support the women in their lives by bringing breast cancer awareness to the next generation.”

The Official 2018 NFL Super Bowl LII Game Program features UBCF’s “Tackling Breast Cancer” print PSA awareness message, strategically placed on page 158. The Left Hand Read is directly opposite of the featured Header, “Ring Leaders”, with the imagery of 5-time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady. The Official Program has a total page count-289 pages. UBCF’s “Tackling Breast Cancer” has forward placement positioned within the first 55% of the NFL Super Bowl Game Program.

To further enhance UBCF’s print PSA awareness message, “Tackling Breast Cancer”, the placement is prominently featured in the 2018 USA Today Special Edition Super Bowl Preview. UBCF’s awareness message is strategically placed far forward in the publication on page 13. The Left Hand Read is directly opposite the key editorial about the MATCHUP for the Super Bowl LII (52) Game.






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