ustwo announces B Corp certification and action plans to strengthen its commitment to create change for good

ustwo has earned B Corp status, the accreditation that evaluates a company’s performance in social and environmental terms. 

ustwo, known for hit games including Monument Valley as well as its groundbreaking work in digital products, services and immersive experiences, is also an investor in creative startups and philanthropic causes. To award certification, B Corp Labs assessment process measures a company’s performance in five categories: governance, workers, customers, community, and the environment.

Co-founders Matt “Mills” Miller and John “Sinx” Sinclair both agree that earning the accreditation was the natural next step for ustwo. “When Sinx and I looked closely at B Corp certification, we were surprised at how closely it aligned with our values and the way we operate” explains Mills. “Our eyes were opened. We were already a B Corp in spirit, this helps validate our culture, our work and our way of thinking” says Sinx. 

ustwo joins a growing global community of more than 3,000 companies in 64 countries, across 150 industries that are working to balance purpose and profit. The ethos of B Corp status has attracted diverse names including Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s, TeaPigs, The Guardian and many more, that ustwo is pleased to stand alongside. B Corp certification is not yet widely adopted within creative industries but ustwo is hoping to see more creative businesses pursuing this worthwhile certification.

“I feel with B Corp we have finally found our community of impact driven, progressive organisations. It is lovely to be part of something bigger than our own business, and it has given us a renewed drive and energy to focus on making a measurable impact.” says Sinx.

The respected accreditation is reevaluated every three years, it is a long-term commitment which aligns perfectly with ustwo’s existing values but it also brings in new levels of accountability. In this initial certification, ustwo scored highly on the workers’ section of the assessment. Looking ahead, ustwo plans to focus on the environmental impact of the creative group – Studios, Games and Adventure, exploring what can be done to work in greener ways. As well as working on new initiatives to engage and empower first-time entrepreneurs in the creative communities. 

“When you look after people, they go on to do great work. It’s that magic combo that has seen ustwo make it to 15 years, 250 passionate people, seven locations around the world, 100’s of incredible clients, one Apple design award, two BAFTAs and over 30 investments into companies we believe in,” says Mills. “For the next 15 years we want to make sure we give more than we take from the world. I’m grateful that we are in a position where we not only want to use the business as a true force for good, but we believe it’s an imperative.”

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