Yuka Celebrates B Corp Certification, Reinforcing Dedication to Transparency and Accountability

Yuka, the independent health and wellness app that more than 48 million consumers in 12 different countries use to check the health and environmental impact of the food and cosmetics they purchase, is proud to announce it has become a Certified B Corporation (B-Corp), further demonstrating its commitment to transparency and accountability. 

B Lab certifies B Corporations based on rigorous standards for social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency, values that perfectly align with Yuka’s twofold mission of empowering consumers by offering transparent product information and encouraging them to advocate for change through their purchasing decisions.

“Receiving B Corp Certification marks a significant moment for Yuka, further affirming our unwavering dedication to advancing transparency and product quality standards in food and cosmetics,” says Julie Chapon, co-founder and CEO of Yuka. “As a platform serving nearly 50 million users, we’ve taken immense pride in championing transparency; integrating B Corp principles further into our ethos underscores our ongoing commitment to these values. Our journey is not over yet. We are looking forward to continue using business as a force for positive change.”

To gain the certification, Yuka’s environmental and social practices and policies were assessed in five areas: governance, workers, community, environment, and customers. Yuka was awarded an overall impact assessment score of 93.2, exceeding the 50.9 median score for ordinary businesses and the set threshold to qualify to become a B Corp of 80. 

Yuka’s mission, which advocates for transparent, equitable, and straightforward consumer practices, is significantly attributed to the overall impact score. Yuka prides itself on being 100% independent from the outside influence of brands and manufacturers, in addition to maintaining a completely ad-free business model and transparent financial reporting.

Another driving force in Yuka’s B Corp score is the company’s effort to educate consumers.  Yuka’s scoring method is grounded in the latest scientific research, seamlessly integrated into the app’s user interface to provide clear explanations of why certain additives or ingredients may be detrimental to consumer health, delivering an in-depth educational experience. Yuka also offers informative, long-form content on its blog, featuring a wide range of topics, including food and cosmetic listicles, expert-authored articles, and nutritious recipes. 

Across Europe, consumers’ demand for transparency has led to positive industry changes, with companies like Nestlé France, Unilever France, and Caudalie streamlining their products to align with Yuka’s criteria. In the United States, Yuka’s fastest-growing market with more than 10 million active users, legislative efforts reflect a growing focus on ingredient regulation, with the FDA proposing bans on substances heavily regulated in Europe, signaling a commitment to ensuring the safety and quality of products available to American consumers.

 Amidst these shifts, Yuka, now a Certified B Corp, remains a pioneer in product transparency, empowering users worldwide to make informed choices for healthier lifestyles through its comprehensive database and detailed analyses.

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