Waitrose launch a WholeFruit chocolate bar

Waitrose has launched a new No.1 WholeFruit Chocolate Special Edition Bar, which is made from one single ingredient: 100% pure cacaofruit (the fruit that cocoa beans come from), with absolutely nothing else added to it. The new chocolate bar uses the whole of the fruit, with the exception of the skin to ensure minimal food waste.  

Food waste is one of the most crucial environmental challenges for chocolate production and approximately 70% of cacaofruit grown each year is not consumed. Not only does this chocolate bar prevent food waste, it uses more fruit than traditional chocolate, which in turn supports farmers and their families by increasing farmers’ incomes. 

The No.1 WholeFruit Special Edition Bar uses the pulp of the fruit which gives it a bright unique citrus taste. Ideal for enjoying on its own or blended into your next chocolate cake recipe to give it a zesty kick or you could also shave over our Waitrose Alphonso Mango Sorbet for an indulgent finish.

Sarah Breadmore, Chocolate Developer at Waitrose, says,“Our Special Edition No.1 WholeFruit chocolate bar is made from 100% pure cacao fruit, which is the beautiful vibrant fruit that cocoa beans come from, with absolutely nothing else added to it. 

“We love everything that this eco-friendly bar stands for, not only preventing food waste but supporting farmers and their families. With its truly unique flavour and bright fruity taste it can be enjoyed on its own, used for baking or paired alongside some great Waitrose products. Customers can also be confident they’re shopping responsibly when they buy this bar, as just like all of our own brand confectionery the cocoa we use is Fairtrade.”

Jamie Matthewson, Waitrose Head Wine Buyer, recommends pairing it with our No.1 Crusted Port, deliciously rich and fruity to complement the chocolate with enough of a punch to cut through the richness of the bar. 

This special edition bar will only be around for 12 months, so grab it whilst you can. 

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