Waitrose launches exclusive Wildfarmed nature-friendly bread range

Waitrose is the first retailer to partner with Wildfarmed, a regenerative farming and food business to launch a range of exclusive branded products in shops and online from the 1st May. The Wildfarmed range includes bread loaves and flour created using regenerative farming methods, that focuses on preserving the landscape for future generations and paying farmers fairly. 

Known for their passion and commitment to growing food in a way which brings back life into fields, Wildfarmed are helping to pave the way for regenerative farming across the UK landscape – something that is crucial in efforts to transform the UK food system. 

The wheat used in the range of five loaves and rolls is free from palm oil or fat, artificial preservatives or emulsifiers. It is grown using regenerative farming methods that focus on improving the health of the soil and the environment. It helps tackle issues such as top-soil erosion – the loss of the most fertile layer of soil – which is being accelerated by some farming methods and can make it harder to grow crops. 

The range of products is better for taste, more sustainable and has less of an environmental impact. The sliced bread and rolls are perfect for everyday lunch boxes, whereas the seeded sourdough loaf can transform your everyday toast into a mouth-watering experience with just some simple toppings.   

Oliver Chadwyck-Healey, Waitrose Brand Innovation Manager, said: “At Waitrose, we adopted the principles of regenerative farming on our Hampshire farm, the Leckford Estate back in 2020, after being LEAF Marque certified* since 2001. We strongly believe in farming in harmony with nature. 

“We know our customers care about where their food comes from, and have a real appetite for delicious products, which is why working with Wildfarmed is the perfect recipe. Their commitment to challenging and reforming the food system is inspiring, and aligns with our Plan for Nature. I can’t wait to see the loaves land on the shelves.” 

The Wildfarmed wheat is grown in line with the Wildfarmed Regenerative Standards, the UK’s first third-party audited protocols for arable farmers created to guarantee the gold standard of regenerative agriculture. This means that farmers gain a commercial roadmap that prioritises food security and nutritional quality and ensures flexibility for their growers. It also means that all their products are fully traceable right back to the field of wheat where it was grown. 

Edd Lees, co-founder of Wildfarmed commented: “Wildfarmed began as a field to plate collaboration, uniting farmers and food buyers to create a new food system. One where Wildfarmed growers combine nature and food in fields full of life, and where Wildfarmed customers support these farmers in their vital work.”

“How we grow food is our single greatest point of agency to address the health, biodiversity and climate challenges we are facing. Our flour has been championed by some of the best independent UK bakeries and restaurants. We’re incredibly excited that our products are now available to everybody nationwide.”

“When you go down the bread aisle, you won’t miss it. It’s bright green, full of life, and the only bread with a disco ball.”

Wildfarmed group shot

The relationship between Waitrose and Wildfarmed builds upon last year, when two Wildfarmed wheat fields were sown at Waitrose’s Leckford Estate in Hampshire. Four varieties of wheat, intercropped with field beans have been sown and are looking to be harvested later this year to be used as flour. 

Andrew Ferguson, General Manager on the Leckford Estate, said: “We’re already farming regeneratively at Leckford, but we’re very conscious that there are as yet no recognised standards that apply to regenerative agriculture. Wildfarmed is an exception, with their own written standard and that standard is quite stretching.

“We always want to learn from how we farm at Leckford, and this is a brilliant opportunity to do so while benefiting from the support of a small group of farmers who are all trying to be progressive in their mindset and approach to farming. We want to make regenerative farming mainstream.”

The exclusive Wildfarmed range was available in all Waitrose shops and online from 1st May, with flour and baguettes following later in June. 

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