Xiaomi Technology Announces #ChargingHappiness Campaign, Kicking off on TikTok

Global technology company Xiaomi announces #ChargingHappiness, a new campaign that features top TikTok creators using Xiaomi’s Redmi Power Bank charging device, as well as everyday consumers reacting to the influencers’ hilarious TikTok videos.

“We’re excited to tap into the power of TikTok and see how these influencers use the Redmi Power Bank as a launchpad to express their creativity and humor, and inspire others to do the same,” said Yiyang Liu, Xiaomi’s North America marketing manager.

On Dec. 15, leading TikTok creators–including @samuelgrubbs, @baidlaugh and more–will get the positive energy moving, sharing videos of themselves plugging their devices into Redmi Power Banks, before leaping into funny, on-camera activities that show off their supercharged moods.  Each of the videos will be hashtagged #ChargingHappiness and #RedmiPowerBank. As the campaign spreads across TikTok through Dec. 22, Xiaomi hopes it will spread a wealth of happiness, too.

On Dec. 23, following the online activation, Xiaomi will have a Redmi Power Bank installation at NYC’s Grand Central Terminal to provide some happiness to people traveling through the station. Passersby will have the opportunity to watch the hilarious TikTok videos and react to the antics. Those reactions will be captured for a final, documentary-style campaign video to be released on Dec. 30 across social media channels, bringing the joy of #ChargingHappiness full circle.

“The #ChargingHappiness campaign feels perfect for this moment,” Liu said. “We all need to strive to stay positive and stay connected, especially around the holidays. Kicking off with TikTok, we’re excited to highlight how the Redmi Power Bank allows people to do that while plugging energy, humor and happiness into their daily lives.”

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