Xiaomi Technology Release Heartwarming “Hello 2021” Film to Celebrate New York Heroes

Xiaomi has released a mini-documentary honoring New York’s heroes that persevered through all the challenges that 2020 brought. The film “Hello 2021” is the final component of the global technology company’s #ChargingHappiness campaign.

The #ChargingHappiness campaign began with Xiaomi rallying 50 top TikTok creators to use its Redmi Power Bank in different hilarious ways. Then, Xiaomi set up a special installation in NYC’s bustling Grand Central Terminal to showcase these videos and bring smiles to the faces of New Yorkers. 

The joyful reactions were captured for the film, which featured a nurse, a logistics agent, college students, an elementary school teacher, and a singer/songwriter. They each share personal stories of living and working in the city during a  challenging year and their hopes for the future.

“The #ChargingHappiness campaign and ‘Hello 2021’ film feel perfect for this moment,” said Yiyang Liu, Xiaomi’s North America marketing manager.  “We were excited to tap into the power of TikTok and showcase how these influencers used the Redmi Power Bank as a launchpad to express their creativity and humor.  And we were equally excited to delight and uplift New York’s heroes.”

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