Samsung and Leo Burnett try to help Teenagers Understand The Importance Of Following Their Dreams.

In Europe 60% of students don’t go to university after high school. Samsung is involved with educational projects in schools in more than 20 countries and want to make teenagers think about the importance of continuing to study and following their dreams. That’s why Samsung and Leo Burnett devised a social experiment which has never been done before. The protagonist is Michael, a 19 year old boy who has just graduated and who is fairly sure about going to work with his dad renouncing to his dream to become a…

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Thai Union commits to more sustainable, socially-responsible seafood


Thai Union Group PCL has committed to measures that will tackle illegal fishing and overfishing, as well as improve the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of workers throughout the company’s supply chains. Thai Union’s new commitments build upon its sustainability strategy SeaChange®, including efforts to support best practice fisheries, improve other fisheries, reduce illegal and unethical practices in its global supply chains, and bring more responsibly-caught tuna to key markets. The announcement follows a global Greenpeace campaign, which previously saw both Mars and Nestle also committing to positive change. “This…

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