5 Reasons Smaller Companies Should Embrace Social Responsibility


An important part of Ethical Marketing can be the company’s use of social responsibility. The easiest way to start this is showcase Wikipedia’s definition:

“Social responsibility is an ethical framework and suggests that an entity be at an organisation or individual has an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large.“

Many companies don’t necessarily always act for the benefit of society at large but they do have social responsibility programs. These allow them to give something back to society, more often than not on a local level. I understand that as a small company and start-up it can be difficult to find a way to incorporate social responsibility into your business plan. It usually in implies giving money or time, two valuable resources start-ups don’t always have in abundance. These are the reasons why I feel it’s important that a new business considers this. Some of this may seem cynical but it’s not meant to be, helping others might also help you.

1). It doesn’t have to be a huge commitment.

You don’t have to offer huge amounts of money. It can be as simple as helping to raise money for a local charity or finding a cause to help. There are many local, or national, charities which would welcome a few hours a week of your time. You may have a specific skill which could be of value to them. It doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money but you could do a lot of good. It could be as simple as having a collecting tin in your reception or by your till, it all helps.

2). It can help your own skill set and personal development.

Being involved in the corporate responsibility program can also help to improve your skills in many ways. It can help in ways you might not encounter on a day-to-day level. These skills can help you to deal with situations you might not usually encounter in your daily life. The skills you use, whether it’s trying to raise money, or helping on a more practical level might be something that you will find of huge value as time goes on.

3). It makes you feel good.

It’s good for you to help people it makes you feel good and that is good for your physical and mental well-being. It’s a nice thing to do and that in itself is an incredibly important thing it helps give you a different perspective on things as well as being important to your own well being.

4). Contacts.

You will quite possibly meet a lot of people who are very helpful business contacts. It is possible you might meet people who have taken on a social responsibility program of their own. These people could be business people who might need your skills at some point. It is a good way to meet people from different backgrounds  who you might not meet in a normal situation. It is also a good way to make a great impression. These people are now aware, not only of you, but of your skills. This may show them what you could do for them and their business. People will also look more favourably on you as they’ve seen what you have done for the charity or cause. Meeting people from outwith your usual networking opportunities can open up new ideas and opportunities.

5). It could raise your profile.

By their very nature charities or causes often receive a lot of press and have a wide reach, this is why, and how, they are able to survive. Attaching your name or company to a specific cause can raise your profile as the cause is publicised. This can also give you the chance to showcase yourself as a socially responsible company by helping to publicise them. It is of mutual benefit to all parties as the charity gains more money and more profile and the company attached benefits too. It may seem to be very cynical reasoning but it’s something which is a benefit to both parties, and most charities are aware of it. 

I really also want to add on number 6:

6). The reality is the real reason you should get involved in a corporate responsibility scheme it’s the right thing to do if you can help those less fortunate then you should and you may just find it a real benefit to you and your business as well.

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This article is written by Stuart Mitchell, the Marketing Director for Aberdeen based Ethical Marketing Company SM Marketing.

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