Amelie & CDPHE launch Spanish HIV Prevention Campaign

One case of HIV is diagnosed in Colorado each day. In early 2017, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment tasked Amélie with helping to eradicate this epidemic by raising awareness in the LGBTQ community about PrEP, the daily pill that is over 90% effective in preventing HIV. To tackle the first step in behavior change, Amélie created “Proud to be PrEPPED,” a campaign that put people and their real-life stories in front of the camera to break down the stigmas that discourage some from getting on PrEP. The “Proud to be PrEPPED” campaign used video, social posts and a robust website to show how PrEP keeps communities health and poised to end HIV once and for all.

Capitalizing on creative assets from “Proud to be PrEPPED,” Amélie then developed a new iteration of the campaign that would resonate with a Spanish-speaking audience. We collaborated with ATA-certified Hispanic marketing agency, Hispanidad, to transcreate the campaign materials to make it more culturally relevant to this particular audience. The Spanish campaign, ORGULLOSAMENTE PrEPARAD@,” features videos, print ads and a robust website using the same form and function as, with content tailored for the Latino community.


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