Anthony Anderson Partners with Novo Nordisk to Launch “Get Real About Diabetes” Campaign

Anthony Anderson, star of ABC’s hit comedy “black-ish,” wants to help people get real about diabetes. Today on World Diabetes Day, he kicks off “Get Real About Diabetes,” a collaboration with Novo Nordisk to help people like himself who are living with type 2 diabetes get more support and education on the importance of managing their disease. “Get Real About Diabetes” offers motivation for patients needing an extra boost and encouragement to recommit to their diabetes treatment care plan.

The three-time Emmy-nominated Anderson, age 47, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2001. He struggled for years before getting his blood sugar under control, which he credits to the support of his family and doctors, an appropriate treatment regimen and commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Details about how Anderson lives with diabetes and his tips for others can be found on the campaign’s website, and Facebook page.

“For a long time following my diagnosis, I didn’t take type 2 diabetes as seriously as I should have, and I struggled to get my blood sugar under control,” said Anderson. “But, when my father passed away from diabetes complications, I reflected on what it was doing to me, and realized I had to change. I got real with myself and talked to my doctor. I changed what I ate, put my body in motion and was prescribed an injectable medication that was right for me. Now, I’m the one in control.”

Type 2 diabetes is a serious disease affecting more than 28 million people in the United States (9.4 percent of the population). The diagnosis is most common in adults and occurs when the body no longer effectively uses or produces enough of the blood sugar-regulating hormone, insulin, or is no longer properly able to use the insulin the body produces. Even though type 2 diabetes affects patients for life, it can be managed through healthy eating, increasing physical activity and taking oral and/or injectable medications, if appropriate, and as prescribed by a doctor.2

“We know patients who’ve been living with diabetes for years can feel frustrated with the daily commitment required, particularly if they aren’t at their blood sugar goal,” said David Moore, senior vice president, Commercial, Novo Nordisk. “Anthony experienced those same challenges, but made the necessary lifestyle and treatment changes to better manage his diabetes. We’re excited to work with him and know his authentic way of reaching people will have a meaningful impact in the diabetes community.”

“You never get a day off from diabetes, but you’re not alone,” said Anderson. “Your doctor can help. There are medications out there that can help. Take me for instance – I’m on an injectable, and was resistant at first to the idea, but I came around. My doctor just had to get real with me, and I’m glad she did. So, if you see me out there I’ll be asking people straight up: Are you doing enough to manage your blood sugar? Are you being real with yourself? If not, now is the time.”

“Get Real About Diabetes” will showcase Anderson in his daily life and highlight his personal story with diabetes to educate, engage and motivate people who may struggle with their daily diabetes management. Video clips, photography and social media will feature Anderson’s signature sense of humor and style to help people get real about their own diabetes and recommit to their health.


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