Autism Candles Launches National PSA Campaign to Raise Awareness, Support Its Important Cause

Autism Candles, a project advocating for the economic inclusion of people with autism and developmental disabilities, has created a professionally voiced PSA that’s now available to radio stations across the country. The 30-second PSA is already airing on Humboldt County’s Bicoastal Radio Network; programming managers can download the audio file for free at

The holiday season is an especially crucial time for organizations like Autism Candles. People are often most generous during the holidays, and every purchase of a candle produced by Autism Candles directly supports the autism community in the form of training and employment. The organization’s candles are now available on Amazon and can be shipped nationwide. Autism Candles is a part of the Autism Speaks “Shop a Little, Help a Lot” program, which features businesses that employ individuals on the autism spectrum.

“I’ve been making candles since 2006 and enjoy my job,” says Nathan Young, founder of Autism Candles. “I like advocating for the community and keeping busy. As we flip the calendar to 2018, my plans include expanding the candle-making project and finding new opportunities for advancing the interests of the autism community.”

Young’s vision for Autism Candles has always been to serve the candle needs of the autism community and its supporters. At the same time, the organization seeks to create hand-poured candles that are distinctive, unlike the mass-produced and generic candles with which most people are familiar. “I focus on the aroma of each candle,” adds Young, “and people often comment on the realism and the quality of the aromatic experience; that’s something that makes these candles unique and always has. Autism Candles is a recognized brand in the autism community. Ultimately, we’re part of a broader effort to generate possibilities in the open marketplace for people on the spectrum to feel more respected, included and independent.” 

Every soybean wax candle made by Autism Candles is hand-poured and hand-labeled candles in small batches. Each one is also designed to produce a strong, lasting, realistic aroma. Most importantly, Autism Candles provides people with autism and developmental disabilities an opportunity to participate in the economy in a meaningful way.

Autism Candles is already hashing out plans to make its distribution channel more efficient in 2018. These include a new kind of candle container that will lower costs and make the company’s products more competitive, which will ultimately benefit the autism community.

For the current holiday season, Autism Candles is packaging all its candles in white boxes with tissue paper, making them gift-ready for family or friends.

About Autism Candles

Autism Candles began as an autism self-advocacy and awareness candle making project in Humboldt County, California. With the original help of local media coverage, it has grown due to the aid of others and is now nationally recognized thanks to coverage by autism organizations on social media; Autism Candles is even featured in the Autism Speaks employment toolkit.

In addition to creating candle-making jobs for people with autism, Autism Candles works toward many things for the community, including ensuring the right to appropriate medical care and improving relevant community services. Autism Candles is autism advocacy, and there is a great deal of appreciation for those who have been loyal to the candle making and who have shared the project with their family and friends.


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