Awin partners with Ecosia to promote global reforestation

Global affiliate marketing platform, Awin, has announced a partnership with Ecosia, a not-for-profit tech company that plants and protects trees. As part of the partnership, Ecosia will plant a tree for every sale made with an Awin advertiser via Ecosia’s newly launched freetree browser extension, with a goal to plant 100,000 trees.

The strategic partnership enables both Awin and Ecosia to be climate active every day, and promote more sustainable brand practices, while helping Ecosia scale its partnerships with Awin advertisers in the US, UK, Germany, and France. Serving over half a billion search requests, advertisers will also benefit from Ecosia’s wide reach across these markets to support sustainably minded shoppers.

Awin shared its commitment to ethical ecommerce in the Awin Report: Power 100, released in March, and aims to champion efforts both internally and with brand partners through this collaboration. Partnered advertisers should align with Ecosia’s sustainability standards and will be reviewed in an ongoing process based on user feedback.

“Ethical ecommerce has been a key focus for Awin for years and this partnership with Ecosia only further demonstrates our team’s commitment to investing in creating a better environment and a better world,” said Virpy Richter, Chief Financial Officer at Awin. “Consumers will always continue to shop. As a global brand, it is our responsibility to lead the way and execute programs that support our promises to be an ethical partner, and to promote more sustainable consumerism and business as a whole.”

Christian Kroll, founder and CEO of Ecosia shared, “With our browser extension, freetree, we’re enabling people to plant trees at no extra cost as they purchase something online, whether it’s booking a summer holiday or buying a ticket for a festival. Our partnership with Awin gives us invaluable access to global online businesses and can seamlessly slot into the checkout process of their community. Users can now plant trees when they are on other websites, not just searching for them. 100% of the profits from freetree will go towards planting trees with Ecosia, which will be a huge gain for the planet.”

Powered by Ecosia, freetree is the browser extension that uses 100% of its profits to plant trees. To date, Ecosia has planted over 152 million trees across 35 countries with over 70 partners around the world in 13,000 planting sites. It currently has over 20 million active users engaging its search engine with all Ecosia searches running on 200% renewable energy. The trees are planted in biodiversity hotspots globally, which help to regenerate ecosystems, mitigate climate change, protect endangered animals, and improve the livelihoods of local communities.

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